My first actual post

I’ve been planning to start my own blog for a couple of years now. Writing always interested me, and though I have a lot of imagination (at least, that is what I’ve been told) I’ve never really tried anything in that direction… that is… so far!

As a reader of my 1st ever blog post you could say you’re a witness to the birth of a new age, though that might sound a bit over the top. Winking smile

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Olivier Mühring. 35 years old as I’m writing this post. I live in Antwerp,  near the center, with my loving wife Rebecca (or Sjattebolleke as I usually call her) I’ve been self-employed since August ‘09, working as a Freelance Software Developer.

I specialize in C/C++, C# and Java development.  I have a slight preference for C++, I’ve always nourished a certain fondness for the language, it’s also the language I started working with back in May 2000.

Although I wondered around a lot, working with a  lot of different languages, C++ has been one of the constants throughout my career. When I decided to move onto .NET, C# therefore seemed like the logical choice…

Java… well.. I haven’t made my up my mind about that one just yet. I’ve been reading a lot about it, and well… as a language it does appeal to me… but I haven’t been able to do much with it… I’m looking for a first fully fledged experience with it though!

What do I plan on doing with my blog? Nothing really special actually.. once in a while posting something about my own experiences, or to comment on something. The usual stuff really. Some posts I will make available on LinkedIn, others not.

Why LinkedIn? I’m hoping this blog will give potential clients/employers an added incentive to hire me, or to give me a chance. A resume is usually only a summation of facts, this blog will give them an insight in who I am, what I stand for…

At least that’s what I’m hoping. Winking smile

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