LinkedIn make-over done at last :D

I’ve never been very interested in keeping my online profiles up-to-date, but recently, I’ve started using LinkedIn as  a tool on my job-hunt.

Unfortunately my LinkedIn profile wasn’t very complete, and rather concise… For example, I did have a listing of all the companies I worked for so far, but I lacked a description of the work actually done there… Over the years I mainly worked with C++ and .NET, but that didn’t show on my profile. Someone looking for people with experience in C++, for example, wasn’t very likely going to find my profile as a good match.

Since I started noticing my companies use sites as LinkedIn and Twitter to actively hunt for candidates, I decided to rework my profile.

Dull work off course, and I’ve still got to do several other sites as well… But hey, I’ll probably be able to use the same texts again.

Let me know what you think of my new profile, questions, comments are always welcome!

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